Let’s share the same time with MomoiroCloverZ.

  • Live streams of members in situations that cannot see at live performances and on social media!

    Other than normal streams, exclusive footage that can only be seen here, such as backstage post-rehearsal/performance talk, will be streamed live as well! Premium members can meet special MomoiroCloverZ and STARDUST PLANET idols anytime, anywhere!

    Live streaming of the members that you can't see at live shows or on SNS.
  • Enjoy collaborative streams and exclusive radio shows involving multiple groups!

    We plan to conduct speech radio streams that can only be experienced here, as well as collaborative streams across groups, which can only be realized precisely because it is an app shared by STARDUST PLANET!

    App only radio and collaborative live
  • A space that is the closest to the members in the history of the Internet!

    Filled with contents that allow you to communicate with the members! Let’s make a space that allows both sides to feel each other closer than ever before together with the members! Post a letter using the Q&A function and you just might be able to have the members say your name!?

    You can participate in Q&A and surveys from members