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  • You can experience the excitement of that live show anytime, as many times as you want!

    You can enjoy exclusive videos and past live videos anytime you want! StaCommu limited video content will be updated.

    Limited video content for StaCommu
  • Enjoy collaborative streams and exclusive radio shows involving multiple groups!

    You can enjoy collaborative delivery across groups and audio collaboration delivery by a total of 58 members! With StaCommu unique "Ran-in" function, you can see a new side of the members that you couldn't see before!

    Collaborative distribution between groups and exclusive radio
  • Unlimited video content and distribution archives!

    You can enjoy videos from your smartphone or PC at home, on the go, or any other time you like. Even if you miss the live streaming, you can watch it in the archive!

    Unlimited access to video content and streaming archives from your smartphone or PC!
  • A variety of members-only digital benefits

    Regularly holding projects and campaigns where you can get digital rewards exclusive to StaCommu!

    StaCommu's limited edition digital rewards project and campaign.